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Guided Offshore Fishing Charters Leaving from Boca Raton and Pompano. You Will Be In The Ocean Fishing 10 Minutes After Leaving The Dock

EJS Charters We Specialize in Really Big Fish.

If you are looking to catch big fish you have come to the right place!

We offer guided offshore fishing charters leaving from Boca Raton and Pompano with my boat, equipment and extras.

Daisy our boat has state of the art electronics, Garmin solid state Doppler radar, GPS chart plotters, satellite weather and deep sonar and Autopilot. We can comfortably fish 4 plus myself depending on the type of fishing. I have Tiagra 50's, 30's and 20's for trolling. I have 8500 spinners for casting and Accrute BV2-500N SPJ's for jigging. Also included is 1 Tanacom 1000 electric for deep dropping up to 2000'. We offer a large assortment of terminal tackle, planers, and teasers, and specialize in trolling for big fish!

You will be picked up at the boat ramp at Lake Boca right next to the Boca Raton Hotel and Resort or Alsdorf park in Pompano. We are 5 minutes out to the ocean and about 7 miles to the western edge of the Gulf stream from either port.

You can pick your type of fishing whether its Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo, Tilefish, Grouper, Snapper or something else. You can pick your fishing depth and location or we can suggest one of many spots.

The rate for the boat, rods, terminal tackle, gas, ice and myself is $100 per hour. We can accommodate up to 4 people fishing and 2 watchers. If you want live bait you can pick it up ahead of time, we have 2 livewells.

If you are looking for something different just let me know and we can figure it out, I'm very flexible.

I will be driving and helping you with fishing. I clean your catch. All you need to do is bring your refreshments and have fun.

I am a USCG licensed Captain and I will provide all state and federal fishing licenses.

Due to the current construction at Silver Palm Park we are now leaving from Alsdorf Park in Pompano Beach

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Offshore Fishing Charters Leaving From Boca Raton and Pompano Beach

If you are looking to catch fish you have come to the right place.

Hi my name is Jordan and I can custom design your fishing trip any way you want or you can tell me what you have in mind.

I also offer help on your boat if you are just getting started and need some ideas on rigging, electronics and gear. I can even bring gear on your boat and be your mate.

So you decided you wanted to spend some time on the water fishing and you just bought a boat for a crazy amount of money and realize that its missing quite a few things you might need for fishing.

Well I can tell you a few stories of my own and possibly help you out with what is top priority and secondary and next years birthday list.

Do you need an autopilot? How about Radar? What type, how does it work? Should I trust the dealer who sold me the boat? What type of rods and reels do I need? Where do I get them? What's a crimp? How do I rig the lures? Isn't it easier just to go to the grocery store to get my fish? Yes to that last question, but are we fishing to eat or is this the ultimate big boy hobby? 

I have a lifetime of fishing and boating experience and I am also a USCG licensed captain. I have outfitted many boats over the years including my latest Daisy. You can get an idea of how Daisy is equipped at If you are looking for help give me a call or send me an email.

Jordan Schleider - USCG Captain
EJS Fishing Charters -
561-447-7148 -
600 E Palmetto Park Rd Boca Raton FL 33432

Garmin Full Doppler Radar
Satellite Weather and Fish Mapping by Garmin and XM
Garmin Heading Sensors
Twin Garmin Chartplotters
Garmin Reactor 40 Autopilot
Sonar Depth to 2000'
Full Safety and Signal Gear
XM radio

Taco 3 Position 18' Outriggers
Twin Livewells
Multiple Coolers and Fishboxes
Shimano Tiagra 50's up to #8 planers
Shimano Tyrnos 30's
Accrute BV2-500N SPJ's
8500 Spinners
Tanacom 1000 up to 2000'
Huge Assortments of Trolling Lures and Jigs

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Sailfish On The CharterOctober 6, 2021 / Jordan

Last week we went out looking for meat with some regulars. We were hoping to find Wahoo, Tuna, and Mahi. 40 minutes into the trip 5 reels took off at once. There were only 2 of us on the boat so thank god for autopilot. I took almost 2 hours to clear the lines and in the end we brought up 3 nice Sailfish. 3 was a first for me and my client had some great pictures.

Jordan Schleider
USCG captain


Best Fighting Fish On The CharterJune 28, 2021 / Jordan

Some captains might have a different opinion, but the past week of Boca Raton Fishing Charters has proven to me that Little Tunny or Bonita as we call them here in Boca Raton are an incredible fight. It seems like the Bonita have grown this year. We are seeing 25 to 30 pound 3 foot fish outside the Boca inlet on a regular bases. One of these fish is guaranteed to wear you out and maybe even the guy standing next to you.

Jordan Schleider
USCG captain


Boca Raton Fishing Charters With KidsJune 20, 2021 / Jordan

The ocean has been rough moving into summer but the prospect of calm seas and beautiful weather has brought out the families looking for fishing charters in Boca Raton with small children and the catch has been good!

Jordan Schleider
USCG captain


Check Out The SailfishJune 5, 2021 / Jordan

Take a look at the picture above of the Sailfish we caught on the June 2nd fishing charter leaving from Boca Raton. The seas were suppose to be 2 foot and we were in 6 footers the entire time. We hit this 6 foot plus sail and could hardly see him jumping in the swells.

Talk about a rush bringing him up to the boat after 30 minutes. This was one happy charter.

Jordan Schleider
USCG captain


Our Live Blog has MovedMay 18, 2021 / Jordan

We have a new blog and I have been posting a bunch of great articles. Please stop by and take a look.

Jordan Schleider
USCG captain


Choosing A Fishing Charter BoatMay 1, 2021 / Jordan

There are several things to consider when thinking about going fishing. Probably one of the most important things to consider is what type of fishing you are interested in.

Firstly, you might say am I interested in fresh or salt water? To expand on that you might say saltwater fishing but now you ask yourself do you want reef fishing pier fishing, kite fishing, trolling, deep drop fishing, and there are lots more choices.

So, let’s choose offshore trolling since that is one of my favorites and EJS Fishing Charters specializes in trolling for big fish. When trolling for big fish you need to think about where you need to go. By need to go I mean location. Bigger fish do not congregate on the reef or recks in the same spots, although sometimes they eat the smaller fish on the reefs.

If you are going to go offshore a few miles or more, you might want to be in a newer boat with top end safety and navigational equipment. EJS Fishing Charters boat is equipped with new EPIRBS and Overhead satellite weather radar. Both these tools are invaluable for safety while fishing offshore. EJS Fishing Charters also has a huge selection of tackle and rods to fight the biggest fish.

As far as experience goes Jordan Schleider is a licensed USCG captain and has been fishing in South Florida for over 30 years. If you have any questions give us a call at 561-447-7148


Our Live Blog has Moved

Slow Pitch JiggingAugust 16, 2021 / Jordan

I finally decided on our setups for slow pitch jigging charters after visiting iCast in Orlando. 
Accurate BV-2-500-N SPJ and custom built 6’3” SPJ rods by Chaos tackle in Lighthouse Point
This setup is considered the best slow pitch jigging setup by many of the best. We now offer custom Slow Pitch Jigging Charters leaving from Boca Raton.


Wahoo are runningJan 12, 2021 / Steven

Watch your ankles, the Wahoo are practically jumping on the boat in Boca Raton.


MahiMarch 14, 2021 / Bill

Just got the first Mahi of the season! Thank you EJS Fishing Charters


Mahi Mahi Mahi EverywhereApril 16, 2021 / Jordan

We went out to 800 feet and the schoolies are all around biting on squid. EJS Fishing Charters is the BEST!

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If you have booked a fishing charter you will need to leave a deposit please use the link below and also fill out the waiver. All deposits are fully refundable up to 3 days prior to trip date. If there is a weather concern within the 3 days, the trip may be postponed, and the deposit may be used another day. The deposit becomes nonrefundable at 3 days, but you may always choose to change days and use your deposit for a different day up to the day before. If you cancel or no show on the day of your trip you will forfeit your entire deposit.

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